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You are most welcome to Model Railroaders in West.Our original Swedish name is "Modellrallare i West"
 and we are a club in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. We have a layout in H0 (1:87) 
displaying part of Swedish railway history. Most of the content at our homepage is in Swedish , 
but there are a few exceptions  like the Electronics components catalog. 
Here is a brief explanation of what is displayed behind the different link button above.


This is our local electronic newspaper which reveals latest news in the club and on our homepage.
This is the history in brief of the club. Föreningen is Swedish for "club" and here you will also find guest book plus some snapshots from our layout and club facilites..
Bilder från BJ:
This means "snapshots" from Bergslagernas Järnvägar (BJ). This is the prototypical railway, one of the more important i Swedish history, which is the master for our H0 layout. These pictures show both the rolling stock from BJ and the society and eviroment around the railway.
Månadens bilder:
Press this key and you will find some snapshots of the month taken by members of the club.
This is the route to the Swedish catalog with components for the Scandinavien MR-hobbyist. Here we focus on items like Swedish wheels for engines and cars/coaches and bearings and decals. There is a special key in order to reach the electronic components catalog, and the projects related to Rutger Fribergs books. (Or click here).
Links to other sites and homepages are popular and helpful. We have discovered some useful addresses, most of them within Scandinavian Railroad Society. Check them out if you have the time..

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Your monitor should be able to display that for best capture of our pictures.

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